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We the RsWaxseals are stamp manufacturing company, our services are available in whole India but our company is located in Mumbai. Wax stamps are simply the stamper which you can used to create a stamp on the wax, stamps are available in different sizes, shapes and wax seals are the melted one these are also available in different colors, sizes, shapes. Nowadays these can be used for various purposes like wedding cards, envelopes, on letters to gift someone etc.

We provide customized wedding wax seal stamp with the initials of couples name and customized wax seal. So we manufacture electric heat stamp, chocolate seals, naylon stamp, sun stamp, date stamp, company common seal, embossing seal etc

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Wax seals

We have wooden handle with brass dye, 25 above color sticks and beads are available, waxing melting spoon and burner, wax seal stamps in 4 different sizes.
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Common seal , peper embossing seal

company seal is an official seal used by the companies. In years back seal was having some legal importance after..
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Electric heat stamp

Customized electric heat stamp it can be used for your company logo branding on burger, coconut, orange peel, pineapple, cake, watermelon, wood, etc
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Naylon Stamp n sun stamp

Rswaxseals is also the manufacturer of rubber stamp it can be used for imprint of address, corporate logos. We offer wide range of rubber stamps for you.
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Ice seal stamps

Ice seal stamps were used in the bars and restaurants to promote your business. Rswaxseals offers customized designs and letters to be printed on the ice cubes, beverages.
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Wedding Seal

Company seal is an official seal used by the companies. In ytears back seal was having some legal importance after affixing that on the documents whereas..

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